The hardest part of transforming your physique is understanding nutrition. This manual will cover how to read nutrition labels, how to count macros, flexible dieting, nutrient timing, and some healthy grocery list options. Definitely some potential life changing material here! 



These manuals are delivered to each of the one on one total package clients for free. If you aren't one of my clients, I encourage you to educate yourself on macros and supplements. Master these, and you are well on your way to optimal performance. 

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You must confuse the body to get results. This is a five day split with an optional sixth day. No workout is the same for four weeks. Packed with supersets and drop sets. Your body will never get used to the workouts, therefore, the results will be optimal!

Sometimes there is just not enough time in the day. This workout plan was designed for getting in a quick yet challenging workout in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and a resistance band.

Follow my training program that I use the last month before a show. This program was created for sculpting that classic V-taper. Try out this unique approach to adding fast muscle to shoulders, back, and calves. Cardio recommendations also included.

This is the step by step playbook for everything in relation to diet, training, and supplements. Hundreds have used this book to change their life. Checkout all of the diet, meal prep, workouts, recipes, and fit tips I have spent years implementing. Included is a brutal 8 week workout, a separate home workout plan, cardio recommendations, grocery lists, sample meal templates, macro calculations, supplement info, discounts, and plans to fit your schedule.

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Homemade Pump


Develop your abs and they will take care of you down the road. A strong core stabilizes the spine and protects various organs. This is a three week abdominal workout routine I use to help strengthen, define, and sculpt my abs for injury prevention, special events, and competitions.

You don't need a bunch of equipment, just some dumbbells! I designed this program to teach you something very important--INTENSIFICATION. You don't need a full gym to make progress, but you need the work ethic. If you have that, I have provided a walk through explanation of each exercise!


Superset City

LEGendary LEGS

Mass Confusion




Finally, a workout program that is constructed entirely of supersets! There's no way you aren't busting a sweat on this program. Each exercise is blended with another convenient exercise so you can cut down on your time in the gym and get the most bang for your buck.

This is a three week split that I use on a regular basis for arm improvement. This program includes a split specifically designed to get the most out of your biceps, triceps, and forearms. Are you ready for arms twice a week?



Supplement Guide

Pandemic Pump

$50   Transformation Playbook 

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Power Confusion

Classic Physique Program


Transformation Playbook ​​​​


Please do not be the guy or girl that skips leg day. If you are properly training your legs, the rest of the body will follow. This three week leg split will surely build a strong foundation! The most grueling program on this site.

Macro Manual

A sequel to the Mass Confusion program with a flare of power. Sticking to the basics with heavy compound movements and accessory work to flood the muscle with blood. This program is four weeks total with a three day on and one day off split. Packed with supersets and partials. Be ready for a different muscle group emphasis each week. No day the same, so the body stays responsive.

Are you trying to bulk, get ripped, or just maintain and perform better? This document has recommendations for all three. I have taken supplements for years, and even list the most efficient times to take them.




These programs are designed to help you break through plateaus. It is easy to get in the routine of the same exercises week in and week out. These programs smack you with different exercises each week. You will confuse the muscles and keep getting results. Complete with tips, motivation, and recommendations catered to enhance the physique. 

ARM'd 'N' Dangerous


These programs are designed to develop specific muscle groups. I have spent many years of trial and error to determine some of the best exercises for lagging muscle groups. Targeted muscle programs come with optional splits, tips, motivation, and recommendations catered to enhance the physique. Keep the body guessing for best results.

*All sales are final. Purchased product will be emailed to the address attached to paypal.*